Via Mandolossa, 55

Roncadelle (BS), 25030 Italy

+39 030 2774902

Via Mandolossa, 55

Roncadelle (BS), 25030 Italy

+39 030 2774902

Sheet to sheet litho laminator Sintesy S3

Matic system S³

The fully automatic format setting system S3 with preselection of all parameters for the next job reduces the setup time for a complete change-over to a 1 to 2 minute operation. Fine adjustments can be made during the production on the touch screen panel.
The system stores up to 20,000 jobs.

Coversheet feeder

The coversheet feeder is equipped with a special suction head and automatic format setting and the continuous height adjustment of the pile carrier platform and automatic centering of the pile are standard equipment.

Suction head of the coversheet feeder

The vacuum suction head is equipped with 4 lifting suckers and 4 forwarding suckers and has automatic format setting and a double sheet control.

Feeder for base material

The feeder for the base material is a timed belt suction feeder with an extremely strong vacuum which ensures a safe and precise introduction of the base material.
The hard chrome-plated feeding rollers have a double-sided calibration setting.
The combination with a pre-feeder is prepared.
Also this module is equipped with automatic format setting and double sheet control.

Register system

The innovative mechanical register system allows an extremely precise lamination and can be set to work with overlapping of the coversheet or to laminate the two sheets “edge to edge”.

Gluing unit

A hard chromed twin-roll system with lateral glue limitation permits easy cleaning and a very accurate adjustment of the glue application, which can be regulated during the production of machine on the touch screen panel.

The glue emission and the glue level are automatically controlled.

The whole gluing unit is movable and therefore easy to maintain and to clean.

Compression belt

The motorized shingling compression section with automatic setup of format length and adjustable shingling distance can be regulated on the touch screen panel while the machine running.

Flip-Flop Inverter

The unique flip-flop inverter allows a fully automated storage of the laminated sheets in predefined packages in order to avoid the “banana effect, without turning or in a completely inverted pile, depending on the customer’s needs and the material’s behaviour.

Pallet changer and logistics

The delivery of the laminated sheets is carried out in an automatic stacker, which is equipped with an automatic pallet change system and a logistics system.

All operations are made by the automatic S3 setting system.

High-tech and control

The Sintesy offers several high-tech solutions like automatic thickness detection of the material and has security control systems such as video control device next to the operator’s area.

Technical specification

Gluing unit speed: 60 ÷ 150 m/min
Coversheet feeder speed: 1.000 ÷ 12.000 sheet/h *
Accuracy: +/- 0,5 mm *
Base material: Flutes F – E – B – C s.f. & d.f EE – EB – BC d.w., ecc. Laminil, compact carton board thickness min 0,7 mm – thickness max 10,2 mm
Cover material: 120 ÷ 500 gr/m2*
Sheet size min: 500 x 500 mm
Sheet size max: 1.650 x 1.650 mm / 2.050 x 2.050 mm
Incoming pile height (coversheet): 1.700 mm  ( max. 2000 kg )

 * Values subject to variation depending on the quality of the materials and laminating conditions, data subject to technical changes.